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Since with the development of the Internet and it's technology, all books and literature were converted into their digital version for readability. So, many books written, authors and novelists were searching for professional ghostwriting services for their publication.

A Ghostwriter is a normal writer who was hired to write an article, ebook, journal or magazine on behalf of the real author. Here the ghostwriter won't reveal his/her identity as an author, but work for another person and all official credits will be passed on to that person.

Writers Crew is your one-stop destination for all kinds of ghostwriting services including article writing, essay writing, book content writing, ebook writing, social media content writing, etc.

We have a great team of professional writers who have more than years of experience in their respective domain will be appointed as a ghostwriter. Our professional writers give you the best services across the globe.

If you are searching for any kind of ghostwriting services, then writers crew will be the best choice for you. We have services across the globe including all countries and we write in all languages.

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Ghost Writing

Autobiography is one type of biography and it is a self-return of author’s life story written by that person. Few people will feel distracted when writing about oneself. So, they will look for writing assistance to write autobiography. Writers Crew is one of the leading service providers to write auto-biography for the required person.

Types of Auto Biography:

An autobiography may be divided into one of four very broad types:

  • Thematic
  • Religious
  • Intellectual
  • Fictionalized


Importance of Autobiography:

The autobiography provides an opportunity for understanding patterns in one’s life. For the reader, such writings provide an opportunity for learning, understanding, and knowledge. It helps readers to learn from one’s real-time experience which will help them to create their own career for their life.


Characteristics of Auto Biography:

As already discussed, the autobiography is the story of the author’s life, written by that person. Regularly, autobiographies are written in the first-person point of view. This means that the biographer, or person telling the story, is also in the story.

Purpose of writing an autobiography:

Autobiographies often want to make the judgment of events in their lives and to deliver an important personal statement about life. They may also want to give confidence to people who influence them. Suspect individuals often write autobiographies to explain or justify their actions.


How to write an autobiography?

  • Write in the first person
  • Begin with a winning sentence that gets right into your story
  • Describe the background
  • The transformation from the introduction to your story
  • Tell your story
  • Conclude your story


Feature of Autobiography:

An autobiography often includes the date and place of birth, stories from childhood and may include a challenging time in one’s life or great achievements. While it is not essential, most autobiographies are written in first-person. We have qualified auto-biography writers who can write excellent content for you. If you are searching for a similar service, contact Writers Crew.

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Corporate Writing

Every business requires a business catalog or pdf portfolio which is very essential and one of an Integral part of their organization. Writers crew brings you the best content writing services for all your corporate solutions with our expert's assistance.

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Academic Writing Services

It is necessary for every student to complete at least one assignment in any subject during their academics to complete their course. Writers crew is the best place to get quality services for all academic writing tasks such as thesis, dissertation, etc.

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CV and Resume Writing

CV or Resume is your first choice to get a very good impression from the employer in an interview. We bring you the customized writing curriculum vitae and/or resume writing services for all job seekers and professionals in any niche industry.

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Social Media Writing

In recent days, social media become the most active platform to reach potential targeted customers. We provide the best and cost-effective solutions for all your social media activities such as profile creation, content writing for ads and other writing services.

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Ghost Writing Services

Whether are you a book publisher or a novel writer searching best service to write your contents? Then writers crew is your best choice. We will take care of your responsibility and write compelling and original content with 100% plagiarism free literature.

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Translation Services

Translation is important because most of the people prefer to read books or to hear information in their native language. We offer the best translation services for your ebooks, audio, podcasts from your native language to any language at a cost-effective solution.